What do Data Community leaders do?

We are looking for people interested in being a Leader for 2023! No specific data or SLA experience necessary--it is a great opportunity for those new in the field. Please contact lynneeargabright@gmail.com if interested.

Based on flexibility in playing to our interests, leaders have been splitting chair duties as equals.

Chairs serve role as a collective, with different functional areas:

  • Unit Administration / Knowledge Management (one person)–responsible for administrative SLA requirements, knowledge management of community’s documentation, volunteer management
  • Program Planning (one person)– program building, communicating with speakers, volunteer management
  • Communications (one person)–communicating with others through outreach channels: using SLA Connect, updating the Data Community website, connecting with other communities as partners, managing Data Community volunteers

However, based on more traditional roles, the leadership positions had been described as:


  • helps set the agenda for the year, and commits to making sure programming happens
  • fills out the Annual Report
  • attends open board meetings/town halls
  • coordinates and liaises
  • leads on convening a planning meeting
  • makes sure things actually happen


  • program planner
  • helps with continuity

Here are your 2022 Data Community leaders:

Lynnee Argabright

Co-Chair, SLA Data Community
Data Librarian, University of North Carolina-Wilmington
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Contact: LynneeArgabright@gmail.com

Active in SLA for 2 years, beginning as a library student. Lynnee became a Co-Chair upon graduating from library school. Served on the 2021 ACAC (Conference) Committee. Lynnee's data interest are related to data sharing, bibliometrics, and database management.

Angela Kent

Co-chair, SLA Data Community
Head of Special Collections, Houston Public Library
Houston, Texas
Contact: ajakent@icloud.com

Has served as the Texas Chapter President, a First-Five Years Council Member, and currently as an SLA Advisory Board Member. She is also an SLA Rising Star. Angela’s data interest are related to government data sets, data visualization, and data analysis.

Jen Evert


Co-Chair, SLA Data Community
Divisional Assistant Vice President, American Financial Group
Cincinnati, Ohio
Contact: jevert@amfin.com

Active in SLA for 25+ years. Has held leadership roles in the News Division, Insurance & Employee Benefits Division, and the Cincinnati Community. Jen's data interest are related to data licensing and data visualization.