Resource List

The Data Community has collated a list of recommended data resources, distinguished by their data function and the format of the resource. Have a resource you'd like us to add to this list? Please submit the resource (one at a time) into the suggestion form at the bottom.

Please reach out to if you have any questions or issues.

Data Resources List

Open the Recommended Resources list (a Google Sheets document):

To filter in Google Sheets:
  • go to the Data tab > Filter views > Create New Filter View. These filters aren't sticky, so don't worry about others seeing your filters! If you're looking for filters
  • if you're looking for filters based on specific words: Data > Filter Views > Filtering by condition > Text contains > [word you're looking for]
  • To save a filter view for yourself, click the gear button in the black filter frame (you have to currently be filtering something to see this black frame), and rename. That filter view should now be available in the future for you at Data > Filter views > [filter name you saved]

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