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Reminder: 2/24 Webinar on Neurodiversity in the Workplace

  • 1.  Reminder: 2/24 Webinar on Neurodiversity in the Workplace

    Posted 02-03-2022 12:38
    This is just a reminder that there are still spots available for this webinar given by Social Grace, a provider of trainings for businesses about neurodiverse employees and colleagues! Sign up here on EventBrite.

    Understanding the neurodiverse mind in order to build a more equitable, inclusive and diverse workforce

    Aren't we all diverse? Yes. We come in different sizes. We also come with different brains. Organizations are expanding their workforces and hiring a broader range of individuals to benefit from skills and perspectives of the neurologically diverse who are eager and able to contribute. This workshop will prepare your teams to comfortably and successfully include and interact with individuals who have "different wiring". We will explore common characteristics of autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is through this understanding that we can improve workplace culture for everyone.

    For questions, contact slamarylandchapter@gmail.com. There will be an optional member-led discussion on March 2 at 7:00 pm.

    Sarah Green, MLS
    SLA-MD President-Elect
    Assistant Librarian
    Anne Arundel County Public Law Library