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Upcoming Merger Vote and Call for Leaders in 2023

  • 1.  Upcoming Merger Vote and Call for Leaders in 2023

    Posted 04-28-2022 09:42
    Colleagues -

    I want to thank the members of the Maryland, Virginia and DC communities that joined me earlier this week for the Town Hall discussions about the potential merger of our three communities for 2023. We had a wide-ranging discussion from identifying the impacts to the opportunities such a change would create. We also discussed the changing requirements for leadership roles as well as the many volunteer opportunities SLA communities offer their members.

    Maryland Community member, Wilda Newman shared with me after the Tuesday Town Hall a quote from DCSLA and SLA Past President Anne Caputo: "One of the very best aspects of being active in SLA is the matrix it offers between professional and personal goals," she wrote in her candidate questionnaire when running for president. "The association offers many opportunities to develop deep, abiding and sustaining relationships with others in our field. It provides a safe place to explore leadership and practice setting goals, and it allows us to grow when we achieve these goals. These are skills which are powerful and helpful in every aspect of life. While there is a need to be balanced in looking at personal responsibilities and professional requirements, I don't believe dedicating time and energy to SLA makes other parts of life imbalanced; rather, I see it as an opportunity to enhance life skills." We recently lost Anne to congestive heart failure but her impact on our Association will continue to be felt.

    Wilda shared with me that she feels we need this kind of thinking throughout SLA if it is to survive - it does take work, but it's fun work that offers learning and a chance to grow into leadership roles.

    So I am asking each of you to think about what role you want to play in SLA in 2023 and let me know (richardhuffine@gmail.com). Our geographic SLA community - whether it is merged or not - will need a leadership board for 2023 or it will not continue to exist. Some of the roles we may want to fill include:

    • 2023 Chair
    • 2024 Chair-Elect 
    • Secretary (2023-2024)
    • Programming Committee Members (Committee will select their chair)
      • Dine-arounds, in-person and virtual programs, round table discussions, Info Bites, book clubs, support groups, etc.)
    • Communications Committee Members (Committee will select their chair)
      • Website updates, social media, Newsletter, polls, Connect)
    • Area Liaisons (e.g. Southern Virginia, Western Maryland, Baltimore-area, NOVA, etc.)
    • Domain Liaisons (e.g. Military/Government, Sciences, Humanities, Corporate, Non-Profits, Solos, etc.)
    We have the opportunity to rethink geographic communities within our Association but we need your ideas, your input, and most of all your commitment to take part in serving our community in whatever way you can.

    Richard Huffine,
    Past-President, DC SLA Community