Business Information Finders (BIF)

What is BIF?

BIF = Business Information Finders

BIF is an informal group of information professionals whose interests include business and economic data and sources. We are made up of special, public, & academic librarians, information brokers, analysts, publishers, vendors, and general researchers. Our events are free and open to the public. We meet irregularly throughout the year.

There is no formal organization. You can help by volunteering your expertise through speaking or hosting an event. Anyone can plan an activity as long as they announce it to everyone. Maintaining our group requires good fostering. We live in the DC area, we work in “Information Central,” home of decisions which will affect the world. And we play a role in it all. We share with our organizations, customers, and patrons our expertise and insights. We have a village of brilliant and giving professionals to help it along. The people attending events learn and grow and the people organizing the events are enhanced, too.

To learn more about Business Information Finders, join the BIF-L listserv.

Contact Peggy Braly if you want to plan, host, or brainstorm an event.

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