Speed Mentoring Event: Virtual edition

When:  May 15, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)

Are you a student getting ready to graduate, but you feel like you need more advice on what jobs to look for? Are you a new professional looking to gain insight into different types of roles available in our field? Or are you an experienced professional, who's looking to share the knowledge you've gained over the course of your career? Join us virtually for our Speed Mentoring Event. Students and new professionals will have a chance to meet experienced mentors from various institutions and roles.

So what is speed mentoring?

If you’ve ever heard of speed dating—dozens of people looking for a potential match, cycling through short, timed conversations to quickly sort out prospective future romantic interests—you’ve got the right idea. Now, picture it as an opportunity for mentors to help students, entry level library and information professionals, and others to make the most of their careers by engaging in quick conversations to help them identify suitable mentors to help guide them into a bright professional future.

How will it work?

First, the group of mentors and mentees will have a chance to socialize more informally for 15 minutes. Next, we'll explain how the event will occur on Remo. Then, we'll split into groups and start the speed mentoring. Mentors and mentees will meet one-on-one for 5-7 minutes, getting to know each other and discussing your professional strengths and challenges.