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  • 1.  11/3 Professional Development Day - SLA-SCC

    Posted 10-31-2023 14:44
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    Greetings, all!  SLA Southern California held its annual Professional Development Day on 11/3 from 10am-2pm PDT. Once again, we had a full roster of distinguished speakers scheduled to share their knowledge and experience. And we've built in time for speakers and attendees to network throughout the day.
    Check out the full list of sessions below, and final agenda HERE. This event is open to all, so please feel free to share widely!

    Lighting Talk Topics and Presenters:

    "It Starts with You, It Starts Day One of Your Career" 

    Susan Klopper, Director of the Goizueta Business Library at Emory University

    Being a good leader is not tied to a particular profession, career path, or a specific organization. Rather it is a set of competencies, skills, experiences - a mindset that you develop, grow, practice, and apply at every stage of your professional life. In this presentation, Susan will draw on many years of experience leading teams, humbly reflecting on her own professional journey and many hard-earned lessons along the way, leading both corporate and academic libraries and teams over 40 years as a business librarian.


    Click here to view Susan's slides: Susan_Klopper.pptx

    "Connecting with Libraries Abroad" 

    Olivia Staciwa, Project Archivist, Special Collections at California State University, San Marcos

    Let's be honest: one of the biggest disadvantages (maybe the only) of being in California is the time zone. This talk will outline the successes and challenges Olivia faced while working with the Parker Library at Cambridge University during an internship she initiated while at Stanford.


    Click here to view Olivia's slides: Olivia_Staciwa.pdf

    "Independent Information Professionals in 2023" 

    Richard P. Hulser, Richard P. Hulser Consulting

    Richard will discuss independent information professional work.


    Click here to view Richard's slides: Richard_P__Hulser.pdf


    "Trends outside of libraries: Why should Director be the end of our career path?" 

    Lorene Kennard, Information Services Manager at Rockford Public Library, & Producer and Host of The Librarian Linkover podcast (

    In more than 90 episodes of The Librarian Linkover podcast, my guests and I discuss the value of librarians' transferable skills. Listeners have thanked me for helping them focus their skills to move up or around in their libraries or find new jobs outside of libraries. I will talk about the types of work my guests are doing, their suggestions to move out of libraries and trends in the skills my guests are using in their new roles.


    Click here to view Lorene's Pondering Leadership substack page:


    "Visual Literacy through AI" 

    Leslie Farmer, Professor of Library Media at Cal State Long Beach

    AI draws upon billions of images to generate billions more images. How do you discern them? How do you interpret them? How can you use AI to generate compelling images? It's all about visual literacy. See how in 15 minutes!


    Click here to view Leslies slides: Lesley_Farmer_pptx.pdf

    "How to Navigate Your MMLIS Program, Find the Library Job Meant For You, and Make a Positive Impact on Your Community" 

    Joseph Nguyen, Librarian at Anaheim Central Library 

    Joseph will share insights on how to get your foot in the library industry, how your passions and libraries can intersect professionally, preserving your mental health and achieving your dreams!


    Click here to view Joseph's slides: Joseph_Nguyen.pptx

    "The Job of Getting a Job"
    Rachel Fleming, OER Librarian at West Hills Community College

    Personal experience from one recent MLIS graduate on the work it takes to get a librarian job. How to curate your online presence, how to network and build strong references, and how to build resilience in the face of multiple job rejections. 


    Click here to view Rachel's slides: Rachel_Fleming.pdf

    Click here to view Rachel's website:

    Click here to view Rachel's job application process template:

    "Relocating: Expressing interest in your cover letter and interview" 

    Isabel Altamirano, Librarian for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Communications & Journalism at Auburn University Library

    In her previous careers and current librarian positions, Isabel has relocated to several cities and towns.  She convinced the hiring committees that moving to a new place would not be a problem. Hear some advice on how to express your willingness to move and adapt to the new location.


    Click here to Isabel's slides: Isabel_Altamirano_p3.pdf

    "Resources for Relocating" 

    Malisa Anderson-Strait, Business & Career Librarian at Emory University, Goizueta Business Library

    Starting a job search when relocating due to personal or family obligations can feel overwhelming. This session highlights the top two questions Malisa receives when working with individuals who are relocating: what sort of compensation to expect (and how that relates to the cost of living) and how to identify connections and start networking in the new area. We'll focus on key resources to successfully help job seekers efficiently use their time and target their research.


    Click here to view Malisa's slides: Malisa_Anderson-Strait.pdf

    "Top 5 Tips for Succeeding in the MLIS Program" 

    Dee Winn, MLIS Program Manager, UCLA/Information Studies Department

    Dee will share advice and strategies for how to get the most out of your MLIS program.

    "Correctional Library services in Canada" 

    Camille Bultena, Correctional Library Technician, Student Services and Correctional Business Ops. at NorQuest College

    Camille will discuss the positive impact of correctional libraries across Canada, and her own work in correctional libraries.


    Click here to view Camille's slides: Camille_Bultena.pdf

    "Keeping Track of Your Energy" 

    Anna Yang, Science Librarian at Santa Clara University

    Whether it's teaching a class, being involved in committee work, or conducting research, it's important to know where and on what you are spending your energy. Not only does keeping track of your activities help you build a better CV, it also helps you understand and reflect on whether your energy investments are paying off and where they might be redirected.


    Click here to view Anna's slides: Anna_Yang.pdf

    Click to view Anna's Reflection Time worksheet and Tracking template:

    "PACE (Participation, Affect, Contribution, Education): A Framework for Holistic Professional Development" 

    Anastasia Armendariz, Librarian for Special Collections and the Malibu Historical Collection at Pepperdine University

    This talk will explore ongoing professional development through the acronym P.A.C.E. P.A.C.E. centers individual care and community connection in a framework for continued learning and growth in special collections and archives.


    Click here to view Anastasia's slides: Anastasia_Armendariz.pdf

    "Professional Development - learning about SoTL to improve my instruction (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)" 

    Isabel Altamirano, Librarian for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Communications & Journalism at Auburn University Library

    Does your role in your library require teaching? Do you know how to incorporate active learning in your lessons? If not, consider attending some workshops from the Center of Teaching and Learning (or similarly named centers) at colleges and universities. Isabel will share experiences gaining practical advice to improve this part of your career.


    Click here to view Isabel's slides: Isabel_Altamirano_p1.pdf Isabel_Altamirano_p2.pdf

    "Take the plunge and be fearless!" 

    Gabriele Hysong, Information Operative aka Librarian at Rolls-Royce

    Taking the plunge and being fearless has different connotations for different people. Gabriele will  tell you about her plunges over the years from career change to transformation of a library.


    Click here to view Gabriele's slides: Gabriele_Hysong.pptx

    Other links mentioned during the event:
    Click here for information about Library Camp:
    Click here to learn more about the Birkman leadership method:

    Click here to view to the recording of this event

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    The recording for SLA-SCC Professional Development Day on 11/03/23 is now ready to view!: Click here to view to the recording of this event

    Links to slides for many of the presenters are linked above in the original post, or click here to go there:

    We also posted links that were mentioned during the event! 

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