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    Posted 12-06-2022 15:08

    The Business & Finance Community is accepting applications for three different awards in December.
    Applications are attached to this post. Please review the award descriptions here and access the award applications for award criteria.

    Achievement in Academic Business Librarianship Award 

    This award began in 2008 and is administered through the College & University Business Libraries Section of the Division. The intent of the award is to recognize the accomplishments of librarians who are new to the field of academic business librarianship. Applicants may have no more than eight years of experience in an academic library position with the main focus on business. Nominees must submit evidence of exemplary librarianship, which can include published journal articles, books, conference presentations, excellence in teaching, online tutorials, or innovative services at their institution. Recipients will receive a certificate and a $1,000.00 monetary award. This award is generously sponsored by Simply Analytics. 


    The deadline for nominations is December 12, 2022. 

    Award for Outstanding Achievement in Business Librarianship 

    This award recognizes a Division member, with a gift of $1,000, who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of business and finance librarianship and information science. It is intended to honor an individual for a specific achievement made within a discreet period of time rather than focusing on an individual's full career. Awarded annually to a member of the Business and Finance Division, the achievement may encompass any area of professional endeavor including, but not limited to, exemplary management, innovative product or service development, research, creative applications of technology, teaching, publishing, leadership in the field, and the dissemination of knowledge to users. The B&F Award for Outstanding Achievement originated in 1984. During 1984-1986, the focus was on outstanding achievements in the use of technology. This award is generously sponsored by Global Financial Data. 


    The deadline for nominations is December 12, 2022. 




    Distinguished Member Award

    Since 1985, the Business and Finance Community has presented its Distinguished Member Award to an outstanding member who has worked in the profession for more than 25 years. This award is intended to honor individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the field of business librarianship throughout the course of their career. Recognition includes a gift of $500. This award is generously sponsored by PrivCo. 


    The deadline for nominations is December 12, 2022.


    Annette Bochenek
    Assistant Professor and Business Information Specialist