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Reminder - Member/Leader Engagement Session TONIGHT 9/12

  • 1.  Reminder - Member/Leader Engagement Session TONIGHT 9/12

    Posted 09-12-2022 15:41
    Edited by Shelly Ray 09-12-2022 15:42
    Are you looking to develop new skills and get more involved with SLA? Volunteering with the SLA Southern California Community is a great way to get started. Learn more about how, and what opportunities are available, by joining the SLA-SCC Member Engagement Session on 9/12 at 5pm.

    We'll talk about what volunteer service looks like - from the Community Board, to "micro-volunteer" opportunities assisting with specific events or initiatives.
    You'll learn about how different roles can help you develop skills you'll use throughout your career, and get an idea of time requirements, responsibilities, etc., involved in volunteering. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A, plus general socializing/networking time - see schedule below.

    Volunteer leadership is a great way to "practice" skills you need at work but don't usually learn in school. It's also an organic way of building your network of experts in the field by serving with them. Learn how you can take advantage of this valuable aspect of being an SLA member on 9/12!

    5:00pm - Introductions/Networking time
    5:15pm - Overview of SLA-SCC Volunteer Leadership roles
    5:45pm - Q&A --> General discussion/networking time

    Shelly Ray
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