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SLA-SCC elections upcoming for 2024 (also advisory board positions available)

  • 1.  SLA-SCC elections upcoming for 2024 (also advisory board positions available)

    Posted 11-22-2023 17:22

    To SLA-SCC members. 

    We would like to inform you that elections for next year's 2024 SLA-SCC executive board will be occurring from December 1-14. At that time we will notify everyone and make available a poll online for voting. If you would like to run for an available executive board position please let us know. Respond to

    The purpose of this message is to let all SLA-SCC members know of these upcoming elections, and that anyone is welcome to run for a position. 

    Keep in mind that the executive board and advisory board are a friendly bunch. We welcome anyone who wants to participate, volunteer, and be involved. This election process is relatively informal and is not necessarily competitive. In my experience usually candidates run uncontested. But we do have to have proper procedures. 

    Having people support us is so valuable and contributes to a more successful community here in Southern California. Also it's a great place to learn and develop leadership skills. Plus it is fantastic for networking! You'll get to meet and work with other professionals in our field that you may not have a chance to otherwise. 

    Go to this page on our website for current information about our executive board and advisory board positions:

    You can nominate and run for these available executive board positions. We do have candidates for some of these positions, which will be announced on the elections page which will run from December 1-14.:




    Advisory board positions are appointed by the president. If you have interest to be appointed please let me know. You can also appoint yourself for a new advisory position if you want to contribute in a different way. Let me know:

    Any questions please let me know. 

    David Ballantine, MLIS
    SLA-SCC President-elect
    Assistant Media Archivist
    Sherman Grinberg Film Library
    Los Angeles, CA