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  • 1.  Subscription Management Companies

    Posted 01-12-2023 14:21
    Hi all,

    Are there any viable competitors out there to Prenax for subscription management? We were using LM Information, who were great, but since the Prenax takeover, it has been all downhill. Is there any other company out there who can handle our in-house company subscriptions for us?



    Tzofit Goldfarb
    Vice President Information Center/Archives
    HarperCollins Publishers

    Tzofit Goldfarb
    Director, Information Center/archiv
    HarperCollins Publishers

  • 2.  RE: Subscription Management Companies

    Posted 01-12-2023 14:30
    Hi Tzofit,

    there's EBSCO which has been in this business for many years and a stable and reliable company:

    Best regards,

    Patricia Berens
    Content Management & Research Librarian
    Babson College
    (781) 239-5486

  • 3.  RE: Subscription Management Companies

    Posted 01-12-2023 14:48
    Hi Tzofit!

    Besides Ebsco who Patricia mentioned and recommend, I would also recommend Couranto (aka cSubs)! I've recommended and used Couranto for many of my clients. While I've embedded the Couranto link above, I'll also share the direct link:

    The Couranto (aka cSubs teams) from Nick, Carol, Corrine, Ruth and the rest of the Couranto team are fantastic with their responsiveness, knowledge, negotiation skills and just good ol' niceness. Further, Couranto's Clarity portal allows for the self-management of the subscriptions too.

    Hope that helps!

    Stay safe & Cheers,


    Christine (Chrissy) Geluk, M.S.L.I.S.
    Principal & Founder
    Librarian At Your Service LLC | | Twitter @cmgeluk | Instagram @cgeluk