About DICE

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (D&ITF) was tasked with a one-year appointment from January to December 2017 by the 2017 (then) President Dee Magnoni to research diversity and inclusion in SLA in an effort to identify concrete steps for the association and the profession to progress forward. Our charge includes making recommendations to the Board to develop recommended internal procedures and proposed structure of a committee(s), or other outcome, that will provide focus to diversity and inclusion initiatives for the association.

The Diversity Inclusion Community Equity (DICE) Caucus is one outcome of the D&ITF. The SLA Board approved the caucus be open to all SLA members without an additional fee.

Please visit the SLA DICE Connect Documents Library to read the D&ITF’s final report to the SLA Board with all its numerous recommendations, presented to the Board in late 2017, as well as a report on a survey sent to all SLA unit leaders in early 2017. In addition, Connect will house a repository of tools and other resources that SLA units can use to assist in their inclusion efforts. We welcome your input!

2018 SLA President Roberto Sarmiento Talks About DICE

Listen to Roberto Sarmiento, 2018 SLA President, talk about Diversity Inclusion Community and Equity

Hello I'm Roberto Sarmiento 2018 SLA president. I'm excited to share the latest news from SLA this year. We launched DICE, the diversity inclusion community and equity caucus. This caucus will touch every part of SLA from learning to leadership, and will continue to help SLA be an association where all individuals feel valued, welcome and authentically able to contribute to our shared goals. DICE is a result of a lot of volunteers' time, thoughtful conversations and best practices research. I want to thank all involved and I look forward to seeing where this caucus will lead us. The community on connect is open to all members and this is where you can learn more about DICE. Thank you and hope to see you in Baltimore June 9th to the 13 for SLA annual conference. Be more with SLA!