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Using Visuals - accessibility, representative, locating images

By Clara Cabrera posted 02-22-2021 13:55


Using visuals a ppt presentation, newsletter, or a social media post is commonly done. With this resource posting we hope you take care to keep these thoughts at the forefront of your selection and decision processes when using images.


  • Permission to use Images/ Usage Rights – use of an image you don’t own does have protections. Research what is accessible to be used for your project and determine if you have to pay a fee, consent to specific contractual direction, or provide some acknowledgement. Some image use that likely require permission for uses include, but are not limited to, publication, broadcast, products, commercial display, websites, etc. So ask the owner, or use tools that limit your image searches to Creative Commons Licenses images.
  • Communicating how image to be used – While ownership of an image may not be an issue you, or you may have resolved, making a good faith effort to let the folks in the images know how their image will be used on specific displays is something to consider.
  • Images not limited to dominant culture only – inclusion of folks that are not the commonly featured race, ethnicity, gender, physical representation invites all into the conversation of your message.
  • Images not depicting stereotypes – using the same common ‘type’ in an image associated with a specific environment or actions limits the potential for other folks to see themselves in that setting, or only reinforces a specific response and association. See past those stereotypes when selecting images.
  • Describe images and use Alt Text – when posting an image to add visual component to a message you are getting across may be lost to those who can’t see it. Description of images/Alt Text assists screen reader programs find your content. Descriptions/ Alt Text also may highlight key elements to the image they may have missed or were unaware of.



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