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Community of Information Professionals

By Michael Sholinbeck posted 02-26-2019 18:05


A space to highlight professional titles, qualification depending on type of institution in this industry.

info pros titlesText image of most popular terms found in Information Professional titles.

IFLA Global Vision:
“IFLA’s Global Vision Report Summary reveals insights into the views of over 31,000 participants from 190 UN Member States across all seven continents. Overwhelmingly, the most important key finding from the global vision discussion is the discovery that we are globally united in our goals. Across regions, library types and length of engagement with libraries, we share a deep commitment to the enduring value and role of libraries.”

How do we continue the conversation?

DICE Topic Boxes are a collective and collaborative effort.  These topics we post here to open to discussion, expand our knowledge on and share with each other.  The content you see is gathered by  various members of DICE, and the primary materials/resources are created by many people we thank for their efforts in these areas of thought.    

Members, please let us know via SLA Connect DICE if you know of additional resources we should add here or where we need to update the materials.