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LGBTQ+ Terminology and Gender Pronouns

By Michael Sholinbeck posted 06-30-2021 13:39

Are you new to stating your gender pronouns, perhaps at meetings or in your email signature?
Are you unsure about gender and sexuality terminology? Do you know what AFAB, FTX, Genderqueer, TERF, or Transmisogynoir mean? Do you know the difference between gender expression and sexual orientation?
The US National Institutes of Health Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion have a couple of recent blog posts that are very helpful in sorting out terminology. Please take a look at LGBTI Safe Zone: Terminology and What are Gender Pronouns? Why Do They Matter?
Both posts are very rich in explaining these concepts.

Newly added (04/22/2022): The Trans Language Primer, a guide to the language of gender, attraction, and acceptance. It includes 200-some terms in alphabetical order as well as their part(s) of speech, definition(s), example sentences, and more.

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