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The DICE Reading Group is co-led by Thomas Nielsen and Emma Antobam-Ntekudzi . For more information , suggestions or helping out Tom & Emma, send your notes to the DICE Reading Group co-leaders.

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Emma and Tom are really excited to start the DICE Reading Group and hope that you'll join them to discuss the first article. They've chosen Fobazi Ettarh's article, "Making a New Table: Intersectional Librarianship".

In this article she highlights how our own profession focuses on individual identities rather than the multiple identities we all embody and demonstrates how this leads to stereotyping and inequities that get normalized to the detriment of BIPOC.

Online discussion via the DICE community discussion board begins today (June 26) and they'd like to know what you think about Ettarh's definition of instersectionality. Do you see it, or a lack of it, in your workplace? At SLA conferences? Give us examples of where you have seen it or if not, where it should be implemented?

You'll notice in the article Ettarh includes quite a few links to related articles. If you'd like to read one or two of these articles and report on them at the conference call on July 1, email Tom & Emma and let them know; they'll be sure to call on you for your report.

Lastly, Ettarh talks about identities and we'd like you to think about your own identities. What are they and how would you prioritize them according to those that you are aware of most often. For example, Tom might prioritize his as: male, gay, hearing impaired, white, kidney transplant recipient.

Reading I

Date: Canada Day (Wed., 1 Jul 2020) 

Time:  13:00 - 14:30 EDT
Topic: Ettarh, Fobazi (Jul 2014) Making a New Table: Intersectional Librarianship 

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Once you've read the article, comment on the discussion thread that Tom has started on the 26 June on the DICE Connect Community

9TUnVChISH6UCJEukcFR_LPph_header-T.jpgEttarh, Fobazi. (Jul 2014). Making a New Table: Intersectional Librarianship

Reading II

Date: Mon., 5 Oct 2020
Time: 14:30 - 16:00 EDT

Topic: Struggling to Breath: COVID-19, Protest and the LIS Response by Ameila Gibson, Renate Chancellor, Nicole A. Cooke, Sarah Park Dahlen, and Beth Patin.

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