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I have worked in libraries since 2006 in academic, public, and corporate settings. I joined SLA in 2014 when I got my first corporate library gig after finishing my MLS. The reason I belong to SLA is that I find here a wide community of information professionals with experience, knowledge, and insight that can't be found anywhere else. My home chapter is Kansas/Western Missouri, but I am also involved with DICE, UX, Legal, and Knowledge Management.

I have spoken at several SLA conferences since then, including in 2017/Phoenix with Eryn Campbell when our session was ranked one of the Top Six by attendees. As president of KWM, I helped transform our annual banquet into an annual regional conference. In my more recent involvement with law librarians in Kansas City, I set up social media accounts for our group and created some basic guidelines for content and conduct. 

These initiatives spring from my desire to help grow our info pro community and my belief that we are smart, helpful people with a lot to share with each other.


SLA Service

2020: Co-Chair, Content Advisory Council
2019: Past-Chair, Engineering Division
2018: Chair, Engineering Division
2017: Chair-Elect, Engineering Division. Past-President, Kansas/Western Missouri
2016: President, Kansas/Western Missouri
2015: President-Elect, Kansas/Western Missouri
2014: Membership Chair, Kansas/Western Missouri