Get Involved with DICE

The SLA Diversity Inclusion Community Equity (DICE) Caucus is open to all SLA members at no additional charge. A proposal to make this caucus freely available was presented to, and approved by, the SLA Board at the Leadership Symposium, January 2018.

To join the DICE Caucus, log on to this page of the SLA website and click Edit My Units. Scroll down and select the DICE Caucus then click Next until you get to where you click Submit.

This website is the public face of our caucus; members are welcome to suggest content. Please join the DICE Connect Community: where active discussions and communications will take place. DICE Connect will also have a repository of tools and tips for SLA units looking for ideas to become more welcoming to their members. We want SLA DICE to be a member driven unit and we welcome your ideas!

To Contact DICE Co-Conveners, send an email theĀ DICE Team. Thank you.