DEDU August webinar

By Lesley Farmer posted 08-01-2019 16:51

Special Libraries Association's Education Division free Inside Byte's webinar on August 9, 2019, featured Samantha Bouwers, who is currently serving as a librarian at educational testing company ACT, Inc. There, she orchestrates research and knowledge management projects, maintains the corporate archive, develops a diverse collection of materials, and supplies chocolate to desperate researchers and test writers.


She shared how organizations are applying best practices in program analysis onto library services management. Regularly gathering and evaluating key performance metrics on library services help improve the awareness and impression of stakeholders while also providing tools for library management to accurately assess the success of services and workload of staff.  Sam (a solo corporate librarian) talked about her experience gathering data and feedback from customer interactions, standardizing that data where possible, analyzing it to improve services and collections, and creating dashboards to present internally to staff and management. Here PowerPoint presentation is available at