Talk to Men? November Webinar

By Lesley Farmer posted 11-10-2019 14:46

November 2019's SLA Education division's webinar featured Dr. Kristen Schuster, a Lecturer in Digital Curation in the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London. Her primary areas of research explore systems and standards for knowledge organization and metadata management, information and metaliteracy in diverse, multicultural contexts and gender issues in the library profession. These three areas may seem rather distinct, but they do come together to inform critical and ongoing conversations about identity, representation and inclusion. 

Dr. Schuster uses a critical analyses of historical research on gender politics in the library profession to contextualize her argument that, even though the library profession has continuously discussed and debated gender issuesuntil recently, these debates have privileged a particular socio-cultural and economic point of view: White, middle class, women.  Contemporary research on men in the library profession generally relies on survey data. While this data provides information about salaries and job titles it does not really reach out to men and engage in critical, difficult and ongoing conversations about identity – both personal and professional. To address this gap, she discusses data from a pilot study involving British men who identify as librarians and she discusses ways we can engage in debates about library history to reach out to men and include them in conversations about the future of librarianship.    Here is her PPT: SchusterTalkyoMen.pptx