Accessing Government Documents Webinar

By Lesley Farmer posted 12-13-2019 15:38


Special Libraries Association's Education Division free Inside Byte's webinar on December 13, 2019, featured Chris Wymer. He is the associate system administrator for the San Joaquin Valley Library System, where he helps maintain the ILS, OPAC and related software. Previously, he was the librarian at the California Energy Commission, where he gained first-hand experience with the wealth of information in government publications.

Presentation "Accessing Government Documents" description: Has this happened to you? You’re helping a patron research for a project and locate a link to a report that sounds perfect. You click on the link, and boom! “404: File or Directory not found.” Where did it go? It was online, but not anymore. At least not at that URL. Access to California government documents is a hit-or-miss proposition. Website redesigns break the URLs stored in catalog records, severing direct access. Compounding the problem is a lack of laws relating to the distribution of electronic publications. This presentation analyzed electronic access to government documents and conversed about better ways to organize the wealth of information published by California agencies. The PPT is here: WymerGovtPubAccess.pptx