Escape Room Webinar on August 14

By Lesley Farmer posted 08-06-2020 18:27

SLA's Education Division (DEDU)  held a free "Inside Bytes" webinar on August 14, 1:30 PM EDT. which discussed Escape rooms.
Breakout EDU is an immersive platform and toolkit that allows educators to create their own escape-room style games for the classroom.  The presenter will share how this game-based approach has been particularly useful for engaging students in "one-shot" instruction sessions, and for promoting valuable mindsets for research and lifelong learning, such as problem-solving, persistence, and adaptability.  The presentation will outline the process of designing and implementing the games, as well as the outcomes, lessons learned, and suggested best practices.
Kelsey O'Brien is an Information Literacy Librarian at the University at Albany, SUNY.  She serves as the liaison to the Writing and Critical Inquiry program, a required course for first year students, and enjoys using creative instructional techniques to help students transition from high school to college research. She recently wrote about her experiences implementing Breakout EDU games in the Journal of Educational Technology Systems article, "Gamifying Instruction and Engaging Students With Breakout EDU."