Fact or Fiction Webinar April 9

By Lesley Farmer posted 03-29-2021 15:33


The April 9 free webinar hosted by the Special Library Association Education Division and ACRL's EBSS Education Committee featured Illinois Wesleyan University’s Information Literacy Librarian Chris Sweet, whol discussed the topic  “Fact or Fiction? Library Leadership of a Campus-Wide Intellectual Theme.”

 Most librarians are familiar with One Book/One City or One Book/One Campus programs that bring communities together around reading and discussing a book. Illinois Wesleyan University (a 1,600 student liberal arts institution) has taken that concept and expanded it into a campus-wide, year-long intellectual theme. Each year a different intellectual theme is selected and that theme is supported throughout the year with a shared reading for first year students, course clusters related to the theme, a speaker series, student-led events, research presentations, and other co-curricular events. Past themes have included: Health, Healing, and Humanity, Changing Climates, Evolution of Revolution, Women’s Power, Women’s Justice, and Walls and Bridges. For the '19-'20 school year Chris Sweet created and led an annual theme called "Fact or Fiction." This webinar will explore annual intellectual themes at IWU in general and the library-led Fact or Fiction theme more specifically.
His PPT is embedded here. Fact_or_Fiction_SLA_Presentation.pptx