First Things First: Welcome! 

As you begin to plan for your next career transition, your SLA colleagues, who have traveled this path before you, are hoping to provide you some guidance and strategies. To this end, we have created a website with suggestions and ideas we hope you may find useful.

As we each transition — a whole new world opens up to each of us — we still want to hold onto the collegiality of our Association and be able to apply some of our skills in the next encore of our career.


The Encore Caucus (formerly known as the Retired Members Caucus) aspires to engage SLA members who are thinking about retirement, are considering career transitions for a desired lifestyle change, are in the midst of the retirement process, or who have already retired, to share knowledge to guide each other and to continue providing leadership to SLA.


Current Board Members:

2019 Convener: Anne Caputo
2018 Convener
: Ethel Salonen
Membership: Valerie Ryder
Webmaster: Bill Lee  

Past Board Members:

2017 Convener: Kim Dority
2016 Co-Conveners
Terri Brooks and Valerie Ryder
2015 Convener: Jean Scanlan
2013 Convener: Anne Caputo
2012 Convener: Lynne McCay
2011 Convener: Susan Fifer Canby
2010 Convener: Susan Fifer Canby

2018 Encore Caucus Annual Meeting Breakfast

2019 Encore Caucus Board Meeting

From left; Bill Lee,  Mary Ellen Bates, Kim Doughty, Anne Caputo, Jim 

Top row, left to right: Jean Scanlan, Ethel Salonen, Tobi Pearlstein, Marilyn Bromley, Jim Tchobanoff
Front row, left to right: Anne Janac, Terri Brooks, Hope Tillman
Photographer: Janice Keeler

2019 Encore Board Annual Meeting
From Left; Bill Lee, Mary Ellen Bates, Kim Doughty, Anne Caputo, Jim Tchobanoff

Top row, left to right: Jean Scanlan, Ethel Salonen, Tobi Pearlstein, Marilyn Bromley, Hope Tillman
Front row, left to right: Anne Janac, Terri Brooks, Janice Keeler Photographer: Jim Tchobanoff

Goals for 2018

Goals 2018: (Ethel Salonen, convener)

Programs at 2018 SLA Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD:
  • Tuesday, June 12, 7:30-8:30 AM: Annual Business Meeting, Ethel Salonen, 2018 Convener (Breakfast served; 11 attendees)
  • Monday, June 11, 7:15-8:45 AM: "Exploring Critical Issues in Information Management: LMD Book Club", (co-sponsored with Leadership and Management Division), Toby Pearlstein discussed the handbook she and the late Jim Matarazzo edited, entitled, The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management, published by Emerald Publishing, Ltd.
Prepared a brochure about the Encore Caucus and distributed copies at our kiosk on SLA Main Street at annual conference

Distributed Encore Caucus ribbons to Encore members at the kiosk.

Distributed handout on "Thinking about an encore LIS career?" prepared by Kim Dority Update content of Encore Caucus website; migrate website to new content management platform in Fall 2018.

Launch a recruitment campaign to increase number of Encore Caucus members (approximately 65); promote Encore Caucus to all SLA Retired members by distributing brochure and conference handout by Kim Dority, "Thinking about an encore LIS career?"

Begin a webinar series for all SLA members in Fall 2018 covering topics of interest: retirement planning, career transitions, career resilience and re-invention.


To join the Encore Caucus or SLA, please go to https://www.sla.org/access-membership/and click on Join.

Login with your SLA ID. In your "My Account" click on "Edit My Units," and check Encore Caucus under Caucuses. Dues cost for a caucus is $12 per year. At $1 per month, we think the Encore Caucus is a good deal! Follow the instructions to complete your transaction.

We look forward to having you as part of the Encore Caucus!

Get Involved

To get involved with the Encore Caucus, contact the current convener or one of the other contacts listed above.

SLA Connect

To connect, go to connect.sla.org

Share your questions and experiences via the Discussions. We hope that this will be a way for us to stay connected as a cohort and continue to provide leadership to SLA.

The Encore Caucus’ Community focuses its activities on:

  • Modeling for leadership in our encore lives
  • Mentoring and giving back to our colleagues and SLA
  • Providing networking and communication opportunities for its members
  • Offering a vision and reassurance about the future of information services
  • Understanding the information industry and information economy
  • Learning to handle and be comfortable with risk

Guidelines / Net Etiquette*

  • The SLA Connect Community should be used for legitimate business purposes of the Encore Caucus of the Special Libraries Association.
  • * Copyrighted materials should not be posted on the Community without the permission of the copyright holder(s).
  • Don’t flame (i.e., criticize another member of the list) on the Community. You should not send or respond to a “flaming” message.
  • * Refrain from posting large files to the Community.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in removal from the list.*