SLA Engineering Division Strategic Plan, 2014-2017


Established in 1941 as the Engineering-Astronautics Section, and attaining Division status in 1968, the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Engineering Division (DENG) supports the professional needs and development of its members, including its component sections, in alignment with the general mission of both SLA and DENG. The Division represents all engineering disciplines and professions and focuses on the broad spectrum of knowledge pertinent to engineering professional and educational environments.

Vision Statement

The Engineering Division supports the ability of its members to provide effective information and knowledge services for those practicing in the engineering disciplines, engineering education, and related fields within their organizations. In doing so, it seeks to enable DENG members’ clients to meet the engineering challenges of the 21st Century.

Goals & Objectives

Learning & Development

Provide ongoing opportunities for DENG members to expand their professional expertise and thereby to contribute to their clients’ success.

  1. Develop professional definitions and attendant core competencies for the 21st Century Engineering Information Professional
  2. Provide quality, relevant, and innovative programming across multiple delivery channels
  3. Collaborate with regional chapters of both SLA and allied information services associations as well as academic engineering and information management programs, consortiums, and business partner organizations
  4. Expand the scope of DENG’s virtual presence as a global forum for learning and professional development
  5. Create a virtual professional development program

Advocacy & Outreach

Maintain and expand DENG Division membership worldwide and raise the profile of the engineering information professional to current and prospective members.

  1. Recruit new members and increase membership participation
  2. Advocate for all Learning & Development opportunities sponsored by DENG.
  3. Reach out to academic Information Program students and information professionals in all Engineering disciplines
  4. Leverage all available technologies and platforms to deliver a consistent and cohesive message
  5. Provide communication vehicles to instill in upper management the value of information services


Create support groups for DENG members and those in related professions to exchange ideas and information, share knowledge, and collaborate on learning and development.

  1. Increase interaction among DENG members, between DENG and other SLA organizations, and between DENG and other information focused organizations outside of SLA
  2. Strengthen relationships with engineering industry organizations, as well as business, academic, research, and other stakeholders outside the library and information profession.
  3. Strengthen DENG’s global network and support its members worldwide
  4. In support of the global engineering pipeline of future engineers, establish a network strategy that  that supports
  5. Establish a network strategy that connects information professionals with K-12, academic, and lifelong learning programs and organizations that feed the global engineering pipeline