Science-Technology/Engineering Communities Bonnie Hilditch International Librarian Award

2019 Science-Technology and Engineering Communities Bonnie Hilditch International Librarian Award

The Bonnie Hilditch International Librarian Award, sponsored by the Science-Technology and Engineering Communities and named for Bonnie (Bonny) M. Hilditch, is presented to a librarian outside of the United States and Canada. The purpose of the award is to provide an opportunity for a librarian outside of the United States and Canada to attend the annual Special Libraries Association (SLA) conference. The award will cover conference registration, lodging and airfare, up to and not exceeding US $3,000. The SLA Annual Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA October 15-18, 2020.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold the award if a sufficient number of appropriate candidates are not nominated.


Be a current member of SLA, preference given to members of the SLA Science-Technology and/or Engineering Community.

Candidate should reside and work outside of the United States and Canada and be working currently in a library, information center, library school or other information capacity, preferably either in the science and technology and/or engineering area.

Submission should be in English.


Self-nominations are encouraged. Send an online statement including information on the candidate's professional career, professional activities or offices held, special projects or services, publications, and any other related functions that qualify the person for the award.

Documentation must include a current curriculum vita OR resume for the candidate, significant publications, supporting letters, etc.

Please inform the committee if you are currently applying for other SLA awards.

DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: December 31, 2019. Nominations and all accompanying materials should be sent to  Dr P K Jain, Chair of the Sci-Tech Community Awards Committee, at the following email address:


1. The winner will be responsible for making all necessary travel arrangements (passports, visas, etc.) for a visit to the U.S. as well as for conference attendance.

2. Include a current resume, 2 supporting letters, and relevant materials as required in the nomination process.


1. The recipient will write a brief article (approximately 1,000 words) on the conference experience Before 30 November 2020 and will send it to the Award Chair and Chair of Sci-Tech Community.

2. Recipient will be asked to serve on the Science-Technology and Engineering Community Awards Committee the following year in order to provide for the continuity and enthusiasm of this award.


1. Applicants will receive notification of award status by February 2020. The award check will be sent to the recipient as soon as the receipts are received by the Awards Chairperson.

2. The recipient’s names will be posted to the Science-Technology and Engineering Communities' Web sites.

3. The announcement and introduction of the recipient will take place at the start of the All-Sciences Poster Session 2020.

E-mail nominations and materials preferred.

If necessary, send nominations and materials to:

Dr. P.K.Jain
Institute of Economic Growth
University of Delhi Enclave
DELHI- 110007. India