How to Incorporate the Human Element in Automated Intelligence Gathering

When:  Jan 24, 2018 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 12:00-1:00 ET

Julie Clegg, CEO
Human-i Intelligence Services Inc.


Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a reality.  What does this mean for vocations that appear easy to automate but require deep humanity, like investigation, or are optimized by a combination of both human and artificial intelligence?

This presentation will explore research, intelligence and investigation from a human perspective - how we manage issues of ethics and morality, compassion, empathy and cognitive bias in an increasingly automated environment. This webinar will equip those that need to find information with the very best internet-based tools and techniques to do so, combined with the best data processor we have…our brain. 


  • Learn how to navigate the technical landscape-learn which tools do what, and how to combine automation with human intelligence gathering
  • Discover pros and cons of artificial intelligence in research and investigation
  • Find tools and techniques to increase productivity online
  • Understand the value of collaboration and mentorship
  • Discover how to maintain relevancy as technology advances

Our Speaker, Julie Clegg:mez3X2FuTCuBpACUXL8G_julie clegg.webp

From the computer screen to the television screen, Julie has crafted her life's work around investigation, profiling and technology, combining her knowledge of cyber-psychology with two decades of online investigations experience to bring to light those that hide in the digital shadows and cause disruption, distress or terror.

Julie is a former police detective and undercover operator, criminal and geographic profiler, an active search and rescue volunteer, a passionate human rights advocate, a global educator and an avid world traveler.  Along with her trusted team of leading global experts, Julie uses all-source intelligence with a focus on online OSINT, social media intelligence, and ethical and proportionate practices for covert and undercover investigations to solve complex problems for corporations, governments, law enforcement and non-profits worldwide.

In a world of increasingly artificial intelligence, Julie brings human solutions to digital investigations.