Strategic Plan

SLA Georgia Strategic Plan

(Approved August 19th, 2015 by Chapter Board)

The Georgia Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is the local chapter of the global association for information professionals.


In support of SLA’s vision, mission, and priorities, the Georgia Strategic Plan is a framework of strategic goals designed for the chapter in alignment with the SLA Headquarter’s Strategic Plan.  These goals are based on the three current priorities that will be reviewed and adjusted every two years to ensure the chapter is participating and supporting national and local priorities.

Key Strategic Focus


Members are the basis for the success of SLA Georgia.  Building, recruiting and retaining members is a high priority to ensure the strength of the chapter and enhance transitions year over year. Key ways of providing value to our members include fostering participation in the organization and providing opportunities to network with one another. By increasing participation and facilitating interaction, we strengthen the bonds between our members and thus the organization as a whole. Additionally, we will work with the local graduate programs in order to foster the next generation of special librarians. In doing so, we will build on the hard work and past achievements of SLA Georgia and remain active moving into the future.

  • Encourage participation by actively soliciting member involvement
  • Create networking opportunities through programs such as meet-and-greets, lunch and learns, and the annual holiday dinner
  • Contact local graduate programs in order to recruit new members


Providing value to SLA Georgia members through education and networking opportunities supports the organization’s goal of helping members to advance their personal and professional development and goals.  Learning opportunities whether through programming, interaction with other members or virtually, will provide membership with the tools they need to remain current on industry best practices, trends and focus.

  • Establish a framework for programming and educational opportunities throughout the year.
  • Use multiple channels of delivery such as virtual meetings, online tools and face-to-face opportunities to provide programming, training in tools and to expand the reach of chapter offerings beyond metro Atlanta.
  • Continue to provide value through networking opportunities


SLA Georgia intends to serve as a vital resource in creating beneficial relationship for members through interaction among its own members and through joint efforts with other local professional associations, through vendors and government/industry resources.

Communication is a vital component in providing value to chapter members as we offer networking and learning opportunities throughout the year and facilitate interaction among members. The facilitation will build on current methods as technology evolves to continue networking opportunities as they exist and evolve.  Information will continue to be disseminated via available media options anchored by the chapter website at

  • Serve as a conduit for employment opportunities as they arise
  • Continue to expand communications efforts through current and future communications tools such as Facebook, Twitter and the webpage/blog
  • Work on involving vendors in programming and programming support