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Share Your Ideas - Be a Part of SLA Change

  • 1.  Share Your Ideas - Be a Part of SLA Change

    Posted 02-19-2019 18:10
    SLA Membership sent the following email earlier today. Please make your voice heard and participate in the survey; the email you received has a unique survey link embedded in it.

    Laura ten Pas
    Communications Director
    SLA Georgia

    ​Share Your Ideas - Be a Part of SLA Change 

    If you were creating an association of librarians, researchers, knowledge managers, information analysts, taxonomists, competitive intelligence specialists, and others who work in related roles and you wanted that association to be relevant for the next 110 years, what would you name it? 

    This is one of several questions that came up during roundtable discussions at the SLA Leadership Symposium last month in New Orleans. Good leaders are always thinking ahead and seeking new opportunities and paths to success, so envisioning how SLA can best serve the information professionals community in the years ahead-and under what name it can best do so-was certainly a worthy topic for a leadership meeting.

    It was also a topic that resonated with many Leadership Symposium attendees. At table after table, SLA members questioned whether the name Special Libraries Association-which has served us well for the past 110 years-can continue to attract and represent information professionals who increasingly are using skills and tools and performing tasks that bear little resemblance to those used and performed 50, 25, or even 10 years ago.

    The discussions at the Leadership Symposium reached no conclusions, but there was broad agreement that this is a conversation that needs to be had, sooner rather than later. The information environment is changing almost daily, thanks to new technologies, new information usage behaviors, new economic pressures and social forces, and so on. Given these changes and the groundswell of interest in exploring whether our name will continue to serve our interests going forward, the SLA Board of Directors wants to hear from you, the membership, about the name of your association.

    Please complete this survey by Friday, March 8. We are excited to hear your feedback and will collect and share this information with membership as we explore a name change for the association that is more inclusive and representative of our community.

    Thank you for your participation,

    SLA Board of Directors & Staff