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    You've acquired some "tricks of the trade" during your career. Developed some new skills. Learned a few lessons (some the hard way). Maybe even become an "expert" in a particular role. Now it's time for you to pay it forward, to give back, to share the ...

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    Are you confident that you're getting paid what you deserve? Do you know which new skills and/or knowledge would best position you to find a new job, or earn a higher salary? These and similar questions are becoming more salient as the COVID-19 pandemic ...

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    For the fourth year in a row, the Diversity Inclusion Community Equity (DICE) community is planning a social justice session at the annual conference focused on a topic important to the local area. Members from the Carolinas Chapter have identified ...


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    Don't forget to join us this Wednesday, November 17th for a Carolina Community networking hour at 4:30 PM Eastern time. Come by for the full hour or drop in when you can! We'd love to see you! Instructions to join: Join us for a CSLA networking event ... more

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