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    Brandy, Well said. At last someone speaking some sense and looking at the way we will modernize and have modernized.  Lets face facts here, we have been discussing for more than a year now and i9n reality for over a decade finally  we are starting to ...

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    RE: Regarding SLA

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    Thank you to everyone who has written in with questions and ideas. There's some great dialogue going. I am writing to weigh in on three specific aspects of discussion I've seen in today's messages: 1. Do we really need MCI? Before we had MCI, SLA ...

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    Greetings, fellow Treasurers, SLA Board and others who advise Treasurers This was done Monday just before lunch and before SLA Board and Staff gave us more details later in the day.  I've tried to pick out the questions we have for the Board and would ...


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