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Position Open, Bain & Company: Senior Specialist, Information Services

  • 1.  Position Open, Bain & Company: Senior Specialist, Information Services

    Posted 02-05-2020 12:53

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    Position Summary:

    The Senior Specialist, Information Services provides comprehensive research and information services to consulting and administrative staff using appropriate electronic, print, and other resources.  Frequently works as part of case teams to assist in research planning, information management, training, and capture of research experience.  The Senior Specialist may have specialized knowledge of resources in one of Bain's Industry or Capability Practice Areas.


    Core Responsibilities and Duties:

    Research Support

    o    Conducts research for case teams, Practice Areas and client development utilizing electronic, print and other resources as appropriate

    o   Provides filtered, well organized,  and often synthesized research results

    o   May participate as a member of an Industry Team supporting cases, responds to requests from client teams and is viewed  as a topical or source expert

    o   Proactively works with Case Team Managers to understand the context of the case and specific case information needs

    o   Builds industry and/or capability expertise by attending Practice Area meetings, industry conferences and regular reading of internal and trade publications

    o   Solicits feedback from internal clients on performed research

    Asset Building

    o    Participates in asset building projects including contributions to the Information Services Portal, wikis and other projects as assigned

    o   May participate as an active member of an Industry Team

    o   Participates and may lead ongoing product and service evaluations and resource development activities and participates in implementation as appropriate

    o   May Regularly participate in building knowledge by participating in internal Practice Area meetings and attending external conferences

    o   Develops training materials customized to local office needs

    o   Leads scheduled business research and just-in-time training for new staff at all levels

    o   May participate in vendor relationship management as a Contract Monitor


    o    Tracks personal research requests including cost recovery information

    o   Works with Case Team Manager to monitor information services costs

    o   Participates in Information Services marketing efforts

    o   Leads development of research and reference skills of less experienced Information Services team members.   May coach or mentor less experienced IS Researchers

    o   May lead regional or global initiatives as assigned

    Position Qualifications:

    o    Degree in Library Science from an accredited university or equivalent higher education degree

    o    Five+ years of experience conducting business research in a fast-paced consulting, financial services or other business setting or equivalent preferred

    o    Demonstrated proficiency in one or two of Bain's Industry Practice Areas including deep knowledge of industry-specific data sources and understanding of industry dynamics

    o    Training and presentation skills required

    o    Works independently

    o    Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills

    o    Fluent written and verbal communication skills in native language and English required


    [Note: There may be regional variations in qualifications based on local markets]