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A Special Plea: We Need a 2022 President-Elect Candidate!

  • 1.  A Special Plea: We Need a 2022 President-Elect Candidate!

    Posted 20 days ago
    Hello everyone,

    I hope you all saw the November 2021 SLA Illinois Presidential Update email that went out yesterday. In it, 2021 SLA Illinois President Kristin Stutzman invited volunteers for the 2022 SLA Illinois Board of Directors.

    I wanted to follow that email with a special plea from myself and my board colleagues: we need a candidate for 2022 SLA Illinois President-Elect. It has been difficult to recruit candidates for the board this year - we currently have 2 out of the five positions filled - but the most important position is still unfilled. SLA guidelines require all communities have at least a President, President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer position. For 2022, we have two out of the three, but we need someone to fill that President-Elect position.

    We know that this is a big ask. The President-Elect position requires a three-year term (you can read more in the role description document). But we also believe that this is a great opportunity for someone to help lead us during a really important time.

    Over the past few years, under the guidance of some great leaders, SLA Illinois has taken a big role in the larger SLA community. We've always been a strong chapter, but we are expanding in some exciting directions. For example:
    • For two straight years, we've co-hosted the SLA Midwest Symposium, a half-day event, which has brought together some of the best minds to share ideas and network
    • We've cooperated with organizations like the Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) and SLA's Leadership & Management Development community to bring new professional development events to our members
    • We've hosted virtual tours of special libraries like the Field Museum and the Shure Library
    • We've hosted a series of virtual happy hour events where people can drop by to chat and talk with their colleagues
    And these are just a small sample of what we've been up to. The last two years have presented a lot of challenges for special libraries, but now is a great time to say that you are a leader.

    Help us! Please consider volunteering for the SLA Illinois board. We need you!


    Dan Bostrom
    2021 SLA President-Elect

    Dan Bostrom
    Member Engagement Manager
    Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS)