Special Library Association – IL (SLA IL) is a network of information professionals based in Illinois.  The largest cluster is in the Chicago metro area, but we also maintain connections downstate.  It’s a resource for everyone to connect online and through in-person events, share challenges and solutions, and continue to grow professionally.  Our networking and professional development events range from in-person meetings to online webinars to very popular "dine-arounds" where we meet at a popular restaurant to get to know each other better.

We also recognize our members through an annual award program, the chance to apply for travel stipends to the SLA National Conference, as well as contribute to our publications and social media.  We're led by a board of volunteers who organize and promote the chapter while planning for the future.  We also rely on volunteers to share their many talents to make our events and programs successful.

Special librarians
work in settings other than school or public libraries and are sometimes called information professionals. They can work at law firms, hospitals, businesses, museums, government agencies, and many other groups.  Here are some examples:

  • Corporate librarians assist employees in private businesses in conducting research and finding information. They can work for a wide range of businesses, including insurance companies, consulting firms, and publishers.
  • Government librarians provide research services and access to information for government staff and the public.
  • Law librarians help lawyers, law students, judges, and law clerks locate and organize legal resources. They often work in law firms and law school libraries.
  • Medical librarians, also called health science librarians, help health professionals, patients, and researchers find health and science information. They may provide information about new clinical trials and medical treatments and procedures, teach medical students how to locate medical information, or answer consumers’ health questions.