Joe Ann Clifton Student Award

The SLA Information Technology Divisions' 2019 Student Award, in honor of Joe Ann Clifton, is intended to promote participation in the SLA Annual Conference by an exceptional library science (or field related to the IT Division's mission) student.  The recipient of the award will receive:

  • Student membership in SLA for one (1) year;
  • Reimbursement for expenses to attend the SLA Annual Conference, not to exceed $1,500 and limited to the following:
    • Economy class round-trip airfare to the SLA Annual Conference (June 14-18 in Cleveland, OH)
    • Student registration for the SLA Annual Conference
    • Lodging during the SLA Annual Conference
    • Transportation during the conference (to/from airport and costs associated with getting to SLA Annual Conference events)
The winner will be recognized at IT events during the SLA Annual Conference and also at the Annual Business Meeting of the IT Division. During the virtual business meeting, the winner will present a summary of their paper.  The winning paper will also be published in the b/ITe, the official SLA IT Division newsletter.

Submission Requirements

The topic of the paper should pertain to the use of information technology.  A paper which addresses a topic in a practical manner rather than a theoretical manner is preferred.

Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited Masters' degree program related to SLA IT Division's mission at the time of the award competition. Previous winners are not eligible for the award.  Those receiving travel support from another organization or employer are not eligible. Please include what school you are attending, what program of study you are taking, and when you expect to graduate in your submission.

Entries may be a paper which the applicant has written or is preparing for a class but has not been published. Only one paper per applicant will be accepted.

IT Division reserves the right to not award the student award if it is the opinion of the judges that no submission is worthy of the award.

IT Division will retain non-exclusive first publication rights of the winning paper.

Paper should be between 4-15 pages in length (content for a 15-20 minute presentation, if selected).  See these past winners as examples:

  • 2019:Terry Duncan, Third Project Installment (Final Prototype and IA Strategy) 

    Overview: ( is the online presence of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS), an academic organization that studies the subjectivity of human decision-making process through the use of the Q methodology research technique (ISSSS, n.d.). Previous reports introduced the challenges of ambiguous content design and tasks that may limit access to information of the society. Limit of access may inadvertently cause users to be confused or frustrated resulting in the access of insufficient or incorrect information. This report is the third and final project installment. Included with the report is the final prototype of the proposed project redesign of the ISSSS website, a treatment of recommended Information Architecture strategies employed in the project redesign, and project reflections.

  • 2018: Sandra Svoboda, Detroit’s 2017 Voter Turnout Dynamics: An Analysis Informed by Information Policy and Multidisciplinary Approaches
  • 2014: Sebastian Ferrari, The State of Information Visualization in Libraries
  • 2013: Allanna Meyer, Access & Context of Digital Photography Collections
  • 2012: Wayne Pender, Metadata for Video: Too Much Content, Not Enough Information
  • 2011 – Adrienne Smith, Metadata 2.0: Folksonomy Tagging for Online Resources
  • 2009 – Stephanie Buck, Emerging Technology: Libraries in the Cloud
  • 2008 – Isreal Yáñez, Information Commons in Academic Libraries
  • 2007 – Nancy Bronte Matheny, Forging Cultural Digital Collections Online: The Story of An American Tale
  • 2006 – David W. Martin, The I WANT Digital Library
  • 2005 – Kristin Yiotis, The Open Archives Initiative and Eprints Repositories
  • 2004 – Zoe Friedlander, Digital Rights Management and For-Profit Libraries
  • 2003 – Christine Wysocki, Creating Opportunities for Growth in Technology
Submission Deadline

Deadline to be considered for the 2019 IT Division Student Award is Monday, March 25, 2019.  Email your paper to Katrina Perez, IT Division Secretary, at Please include "SLA IT Student Award 2019" in the subject line.

Submission Format

Please submit the paper as a Microsoft Word or Acrobat PDF file and include the paper's title and your name at the top of the first page.

Please also include your program, school, and expected graduation date in your submission email.