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#AI, Ethics & More! Resources Invitation to Join the Discussion.

  • 1.  #AI, Ethics & More! Resources Invitation to Join the Discussion.

    Posted 05-31-2020 13:44

    AI Pros, Cons, Opportunities & Ethics
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    Tuesday, June 9, Noon ET
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
    enhances and amplifies human expertise, makes predictions more accurate, automates decisions and processes, optimizes employees' time to focus on higher-value work, improves people's overall efficiency, and will be KEY to helping Humankind travel to new frontiers and solve what feels now like insurmountable problems. But- We've got to get AI right. Can you trust the decisions made by an AI? Just because a decision is made by an AI does not mean that the results are morally or ethically squeaky clean. This talk introduces Nexters to the very real dangers of unmitigated bias in AI, told in a very personal way through storytelling. Boinodiris concludes by giving very tangible steps that organizations can take to best leverage this technology to their advantage WHILST mitigating the risks. Here's a recent article from Online Searcher by Sue Feldman to get you started on the topic.

    Phaedra Boinodiris is dedicated to the mission of STEM and inclusivity in her community with a particular passion in AI and Ethics. She is a prolific public speaker and author (Serious Games for Business Using Gamification to Fully Engage Customers), she is on the IBM Academy of Technology's leadership council, a Fellow of the RSA, and serves on the advisory boards of several academic institutions. She is currently pursuing a PhD in AI and Ethics thanks to the European Union. She won the United Nations Woman of Influence in STEM and inclusivity Award in 2019, received the Social Innovator Award by IBM in 2018, received the 2014 Kenan Flagler Young Alumni Award, became a Fellow of the American Democracy Institute in 2011 and in 2007 was recognized by Women in Games International as being one of the Top 100 Women in the Games industry. 

    Here's what Phaedra had to say on Engagement in the Digital Age at Computers in Libraries 2019 Conference. 

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