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IA Conference: Metadata strategy for beautiful nerds

  • 1.  IA Conference: Metadata strategy for beautiful nerds

    Posted 05-15-2020 15:09
    One of my colleagues presented virtually at the Information Architecture conference. To show you just how big Red Hat is, I actually learned a great deal about our recent history and the projects that lead to implementing the DAM (this happened several months before I was hired). It's all around an informative and interesting 1-hr presentation. I get to work a lot with Anna, and although she doesn't have an MLS, she acts as a librarian in many ways - just not directly with the DAM. But I love being surrounded my intelligent people like her. Take a listen!

    In a world…where only 65% of B2B content ever gets used, nerdy heroes and heroines are hard at work building ecosystems of content. Their weapon? Metadata strategy.

    In this session, you'll learn how to:
    – Conduct a content audit without going insane or spending the rest of your life in a spreadsheet.
    – Build a tagging structure that puts your users and their challenges first - while also making your CMS a strategic asset that's easy to use.
    – Bring your analytics to life by blending it with metadata that reflects the purpose of your content.

    Laura Fu
    Senior Business Analyst, Digital Asset Management | Red Hat