2016 reports

2016 year-end annual financial statement correction

From: “Pam Snedden” <snedden.pam@gmail.com>
Date: Jan 29, 2017 6:55 PM
Subject: CORRECTED SLA Knowledge Management Division Annual Report Submission
To: “Joy Zaremba” <controller@sla.org>
Cc: <khewlett@sla.org>, “Marianne Giltrud” <giltrumx@pgcc.edu>, “Pam Snedden” <snedden.pam@gmail.com>

**Earlier email had 2 P&L reports attached instead of the balance sheet. Please consider the attachments for this email to be the report submission.** 

Please find attached the following documents for the Knowledge Management Division’s financial reporting:

  • Profit & Loss report (using QuickBooks)
  • Balance Sheet (Quick Books)
  • Statement of liabilities
  • Property report
  • Audited certificate
  • Bank account statements for 2016 (compressed ZIP folder)
Note: At the time of running our reports in Quick Books, not all of the income/expense categories that most Treasurers have used with Quicken were available or able to be created in Quick Books. Based on approval from an email conversation with Kristen Hewlett, I used similar or other logical categories to classify our transactions. Please let me know if there are any questions about the reports.
Thank you,
Pam Snedden