2016 KM Events at Conference

2016 KM Events at Conference

“MASTER CLASS: Managing the Information Professional at Home: Competencies and Challenges of Remote Workers”

Sun. June 12| 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Billy Cook, Manager, Knowledge Management, ADP
Deborah Keller, Principal, Keller & Associates
Anne Rogers. Director, Research & Knowledge Services, Cargill
Ethel Salonen, The MITRE Corporation

Our Knowledge Management Division is especially excited about our Master Class at the upcoming annual conference in Philly.

Please comment, OR post on Twitter with our hashtag #slakm if you have topics you’d like the speakers to discuss!

For more information, see the Conference planner page here:

And, reply or post to Twitter with topic ideas!

Knowledge Retention Strategies for Information Professionals

Sun. June 12| 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Blane Dessy, Director, National Enterprises, Library of Congress

Every organization worries about losing knowledge and expertise, whether due to retirement, downsizing, mergers, etc. A knowledge retention strategy is important for reducing the risk of losing this critical knowledge. What exactly is knowledge retention, when is it valuable, and what are the common pitfalls? Join this interactive session to hear the answers to these questions and learn practical tips drawn from real case studies, so that you can successfully implement a knowledge retention initiative in your organization.

The KM Division is pleased to be co-sponsoring this session with Encore, the Retired Members Caucus, and with the Business & Finance and Government Information Divisions.

The Conference planner page is here, however, it does not yet have the up to date description and co-sponsors listed above:


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