President: Mary Talley
President and Lead Consultant
Talley Partners

Vice President: Eugene Giudice
Research Services Training Specialist
Dentons US LLP


Past President: Ruth Mallalieu
Scholarly Communications Licensing Manager
The University of Sheffield

Secretary: Martha Foote
Senior Advisor, Knowledge Management and Program Projects
Toronto Centre




Docket Editor Karen Rutherford
Membership  Bria O'Brien
Internet & Social Media Amy Noll
Susan Mecklem
Professional Development & Growth  VACANT
Awards & Grants Amy Noll
Division Archivist Lisa Lopez

Past Chairs/Presidents

2020: Ruth Mallalieu
2019: Catherine Kitchell
2018: Bobbi Weaver
2017:  Victoria North 
2016: Jessica King
2015: Coleen Cable
2014:  Caroline Frances Jones
2013:  Tricia Thomas
2012: Tracy Z. Maleeff
2011: John DiGilio
2010:  Constance Ard
2009: Martha Foote
2008: Nola Vanhoy
2007: Robert Sullivan
2005-06:  Jill Gray
2004-05: Judy Harris
2003-04: Charlene M. Cunniffe
2002-03: Jeffrey R. Stickle
2001-02: Jeanne Korman
2000-01: Anne Abate
1999-2000: Larry Guthrie
1998-99:  Cassandra Morrow
1997-98: Gayle M. O’Connor
1996-97:  Barbara Silbersack
1995-96:  Carolyn Korkmas
1993-95:  Connie Pine