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The New Legal Division Docket

By Amy Noll posted 09-27-2019 11:22

Some of you may have noticed a delay for our post-conference Legal Division Docket. The is partly due to the Board rethinking how we would like to deliver the Docket to you.

With our new website, we will now deliver the Docket in a blog format.

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts, starting with conference de-briefs from Travel Grant Winner (and new Membership Chair), Ciara O'Shea and your Chair-Elect-Elect candidate, Eugene Giudice.

To ensure you are notified when a new docket entry is posted, make sure your Legal Division Community notifications are included in one of your "consolidated digest" options. Click on Profile -> My Subscriptions after logging into Connect.  Your email will look like the second screenshot below. 

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