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New York City municipal code legislative history (or something like that)

  • 1.  New York City municipal code legislative history (or something like that)

    Posted 04-27-2022 21:13

    Hello fellow Legal Community members,

    I am trying to help answer questions about the legal requirements for temperature in rental units, specifically, how the regulations in the code is determined.  I answered one question when I found the requirements of NY Multiple Dwelling Law and the NYC Code, which is-between October 1 and May 31-heating each apartment to at least 68˚F when the outdoor temperature falls below 55˚F and to heat to 55˚F (or 62˚ in NYC) if the outdoor temperature falls below 40˚F.  This is interesting, but what he wants to know is how those temperatures were determined for the purposes of the NYC Code.  He wants not just the final decision but mostly the data or information used to make that decision.  I do not know of a way to find out how these specific temperatures were determined other than by searching legislative history.  This is not something that I have the resources to search (or maybe I just don't know how.  I do have access to WestLaw).  Would one of you be able to point me in the right direction? I realize that it is a strange question.


    (Multiple Dwelling Law § 79; Multiple Residence Law § 173; NYC Admin. Code § 27- 2029).


    Thanks for reading the question. 




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