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  • 1.  2023 Summer Associates

    Posted 06-10-2023 18:30

    If you have not guessed it, it is time for my annual message about summer associates.

    Many firms either have summer associates working already or will have them arrive in the coming weeks.  On their behalf, I ask you for their consideration and special attention during their time in your firm.

    We all know that gone are the days of extended summer associate programs where all the summers did was maybe some pro-bono work, or fifty state surveys and go to various parties and events.  Now, summers are expected to hit the ground running and deliver value on all the projects they are assigned and they have often times, at most two months to make a strong impression.

    It is up to us as librarians and information professionals in firms to partner with the summers so that they get maximum value of their firm experience.  We need to be committed to their success.  This year's summer associates have had to deal with going to undergraduate classes via ZOOM and all the other stresses that the pandemic has placed on them.

    We have an opportunity to not only offer first rate library service but to also be a trusted voice as they navigate the law firm environment.  For many, this will be their first full time work experience.  Anything we can do to help aid that transition will go a long way to help with their success.  We can do the little things like stopping their office for an in-person visit or research consult or offering a piece of candy when they might be experiencing the "afternoon swoon".

    As I have always said (and will continue to say), today's summer associate is tomorrow's managing partner.  When these summers are in firm leadership positions, I want them to say "When I was a summer, we have trained professional researchers and resources to help me succeed and we still need them now".

    I wish everyone great success for your summer associates and your work with them.


    Research Services Training Specialist