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Benchmark data for size of LIS team in law firms

  • 1.  Benchmark data for size of LIS team in law firms

    Posted 07-07-2023 10:51

    Hello all, and apologies if you've seen this message elsewhere from my colleague, Claire.

    We're in business planning mode at the moment and looking for surveys or reports which provide benchmark data for LIS teams in law firms, particularly in headcount data showing the ratio of LIS staff to lawyers.

    The BIALL survey has been a good starting point for us as a UK law firm, but we're interested in hearing from others especially if you've had to grow or downsize your team in the past few years. If anyone is happy to share their team makeup (whether it's a central team, embedded, spread across office locations etc.) we'd be happy to reciprocate and any other information would be hugely appreciated!

    You can email me at jbhojoo [at] kingsleynapley [dot] co [dot] uk

    Many thanks,


    Julia Bhojoo (she/her/hers)
    Information Officer, Kingsley Napley LLP
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