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  • 1.  Fall Associates

    Posted 09-11-2022 15:52
    Good afternoon

    Fall associates will be arriving at many law firms in the not-to-distant future if they have not already arrived.

    On their behalf, I ask of you, my librarian and information professional colleagues in law firms and court libraries, for their consideration as they make their way in their new environments coming weeks and months.

    They will come hungry and want to succeed.  Those of us with the benefit of experience can hopefully remember what is like to have that hunger.  Hopefully, we still have it.

    More importantly, though, the fall associate of today is the firm or office managing partner of tomorrow.  If we can give these fall associates a good experience of research services now, when they hold leadership positions in firms, hopefully, they will say, "When I was a fall associate, we had resources and trained professionals to help get the maximum value from them.  We need librarians and information professionals as part of our firm's team."

    In doing this, we will be helping to pave the way for future law librarians and information professionals.


    Eugene Giudice
    Research Services Training Specialist
    (312) 876-7384