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SLA Legal Community Leadership Opportunities

  • 1.  SLA Legal Community Leadership Opportunities

    Posted 11-06-2022 13:06

    Good afternoon

    With the end of the year approaching, it is time for the Legal Community elections. 

    There are several roles that are open this year.  This is an excellent opportunity to help set the future course of the community and expand your professional skills.  Volunteering for one of these positions is an excellent professional and leadership development opportunity.

     Please contact Jill Strand ( by November 18, 2023, if you are interested in any of these roles or wish to recommend somebody.  

    Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (Elected Position)
    The vice-chair works with the chair to ensure the efficient administration of the community.  The vice chair is also heavily involved with webinar and conference planning and liaison with vendor partners.  The vice-chair becomes the community chair the following year.  Time commitment per month: 4- 6 hours. 

    Secretary (Elected Position)
    The Secretary keeps the minutes of the community's board meeting and works on other correspondence as needed.  Time commitment per month: 2-3 hours. 

    Grants and Awards Chair (Appointed Position)
    The Grants and Awards chair reviews all applications for community-based professional development grants and coordinates the application and review process for community awards that are given annually.  Time commitment per month: 1-2 hours.  

    Communications and Social Media Chair (Appointed Position)
    The Communication and Social Media Chair monitors and updates the community's page on Connect and the community's FACEBOOK, LinkedIn, and Twitter presence.  Time commitment per month: 1-2 hours.  

    As with any role in the community, you can make of it what you would like.  Each person can bring their own skills and talents along with a good dose of creativity to these roles for a more fulfilling experience in community leadership.

    Eugene Giudice
    Research Services Training Specialist
    (312) 876-7384