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West Legal Reporter / Appendix in print

  • 1.  West Legal Reporter / Appendix in print

    Posted 05-19-2022 14:47
    I'm in a library for a small federal administrative court that is sloooowly moving away from print.  My background is as a business librarian with a little bit of legal research, and this question comes from a huge gap in knowledge about the Federal Reporter and Federal Appendix other than recognizing citations.

    We have Westlaw plus a large collection of Federal Reporters.  There are several gaps in the print collection which are filled by the softbound weekly updates.  Where there is any duplication between a hardbound Reporter and softbound weekly update, I am weeding out the softbound.  What about the softbound weekly Appendix updates?  These decisions are available on Westlaw, right?  Is there a compelling reason to keep any of these softbound updates in the collection?  If it helps to know, the softbound issues are from 2006 and from 2012.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Jenny Wood
    Law Librarian (Contractor)
    Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission