Annual Conference Programming

2020 Annual Conference: Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Convention Center
October 15-18, 2020

All Are Welcome @SLA2020

Case Law, Statutes and Regulations for the Non Legal Information Professional

Legal Community

75 minutes


Statutes, regulations and cases impact operations in all types of businesses and industries. The efficient navigation of these sources as well as an understanding of the creation of laws and regulations are important skills for all information professionals. This session will equip the participant to efficiently do legal research and thus provide value to their organization. We'll also discuss how understanding the legal and regulatory environment of an organization is a one of the keys to competitive advantage in the market place.

Data Analytics and Legal Information: Preparing Yourself for the Future

Legal Community

90 minutes


In a recent report of law libraries, 43.5 percent of the employees responded that they had an interest in developing skills in data analytics. But what are the applications for a law library and how does one develop skills in this area?  In this session, speakers will address topics such as the application of data analytics to law firm operations, data applications for criminal justice research, and the use of data analytics for court operations. The program will conclude with information about available training.

Public law: How Librarians Can Level the Playing Field for the General Public

Legal Community

60 minutes


Cuts in funding and library closings have put public access to legal information at risk.  Nonetheless, information professionals continue to strive to make legal information accessible to the general public. Presenters will discuss the challenges they have faced and the open access resources they have used to assist laypeople in doing legal research.

Past Legal Division Programming

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