Career Advancement Award

LMD believes strongly in advancing the development of information professionals’ leadership and management abilities. This award is presented to an SLA LMD member who, in the initial five years of his/her information career, demonstrates a keen interest in furthering LMD’s leadership initiatives and developments.

The award will provide the recipient with financial support and mentorship to attend SLA’s annual conference. The award includes:

  • one full conference registration (paid for by LMD)
  • complimentary tickets to all LMD ticketed events
  • one pre-conference LMD sponsored workshop[1]
  • $1500.00US to be used to cover travel expenses (for submitted expenses)[2].

The award winner will be paired with a mentor from LMD. The mentor will connect with the award recipient prior to the conference for help with conference planning, guidance during the conference, accompaniment to selected LMD events (as determined by the mentor and the award recipient), and maintaining a link to the division following the conference.

Benefits of receiving the award

Previous award winners report that in addition to thoroughly enjoying their experience of attending and networking at the SLA conference and feeling supported in their ongoing participation in SLA, they …

  • Gained a broadened perspective on the many careers a Library and Information Science (LIS) degree offers by attending conference program events and by meeting seasoned library and information professionals at the conference.
  • Learned about many products and services for the LIS market by visiting the stands of exhibitors at the conference’s accompanying INFO-EXPO.
  • Received professional recognition from LMD members through introduction at the LMD Annual Business Meeting and the Fellows/First Timers Reception.
  • Gained widespread visibility through publicity disseminated by SLA, LMD, and industry sponsors all introducing the recipient to the information community.
  • Were able to travel to the SLA conference and meet information professionals from all parts of the globe.
  • Developed their professional profile and publicity skills by writing articles for SLA blogs.

How to apply

An applicant MUST BE a current member of SLA and LMD. Proof of membership (i.e. membership number) must be included in the application. The Awards Committee reserves the right to disqualify applicants who do not fulfill this requirement. LMD Board Members, and LMD members running for SLA-wide office in the year of nomination are not eligible for nomination

Please submit your application to the LMD Awards Committee at . 

Please note: LMD supports the decision by SLA Headquarters to delay the 2020 conference for safety reasons. As a consequence, the application deadline for LMD sponsored awards are being pushed back until later in the year. We will update the website when the new timeline is announced. We look forward to seeing you all in NC on the new dates, Oct. 15-18, 2020.

We ask for a three-part application in English:
1. CV/résumé: Include a copy of your most current CV/résumé with your current postal and email addresses as well as a current telephone number, and SLA membership number.

2.  Letter of recommendation: Include a letter highlighting your potential as a candidate for this award and as a future leader in the information industry. The recommendation may come from your supervisor at work, a professional colleague not at your own workplace, or (if you are a recent graduate), from a faculty advisor in your program

3. Proposal for an LMD Learning or outreach Initiative: Tell us …
The title of the initiative

  • Approach:
    • What is the initiative? (e.g., Is it a course? An event? A series of discussions?)
    • How and where will it be held or conducted (physical event or virtual, or a blend)?
  • Market:
    • Who will be the target audience?
    • Will the initiative be designed for those in the first five years of their careers or at any stage?
    • Is there a focus on any industry, sector, or type of work, or on a specific leadership or management matter?
  • Learning Objectives:
    • How will the initiative help build leadership and management awareness, approaches, and abilities for those who participate?

We invite applications who are information professionals within their first five years of post-qualification in the LIS sector

  • Students enrolled in an LIS program (undergraduate or graduate) during the previous academic year
  • Participants in a recognized LIS training position, such as graduate traineeships, or studentships/internships lasting one year
  • First-time attendees at the SLA annual conference
  • Able to communicate in written and spoken English
  • In possession of up-to-date travel documents required for entry into the United States or Canada (current passport, visa waiver, etc.)
  • SLA members in good standing

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact past winners to ask about their initiative. Out-of-the-box thinking is strongly encouraged.

Participation during and after the conference

  • Attendance and participation in certain sessions and events will be required. All winners should attend the LMD Annual Business Meeting and the Fellows/First Timers Reception.
  • After the SLA conference, the award recipients will be expected to write an article in English on what they learned at the conference. It will be distributed via the LMD Connect site and on LMD’s website.
  • The award recipient is expected to volunteer in some capacity with LMD in the following Association year – the exact role to be determined by the LMD Chair and/or Chair-Elect and the award recipient.


If you have any questions, please contact the LMD Awards Committee at

[1]If LMD is not sponsoring a workshop, the mentor or any other LMD board-designated point of contact will work with the award recipient to help the recipient select and register for a workshop on a leadership or management topic.
[2] The maximum -coverage is US$1,500. Generally, this amount is paid for submitted expenses to cover economy airfare (if required), ground transportation, meals, and accommodations.  The airfare can be reimbursed as soon as it is incurred. For all other expenses, the award winner is expected to pay out-of-pocket and submit a request for reimbursement including receipts after his/her conference attendance. It is at the LMD Board’s discretion to change this policy, should the need arise.