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Meet the LMD Board: Joanie Olivier, President

By Dan Bostrom posted 01-18-2021 11:20

Happy 2021! As LMD heads into a new year, we are thrilled to introduce you to our leadership team! Today, we interviewed Joanie Olivier, LMD President. This is is the first  post in a series of blog posts about the LMD Board of Directors. For Joanie's complete bio, please scroll to the end. 

Joanie Olivier

What is your current role in the workplace?

I work as a Research Sourcing Consultant in helping organizations procure, track, report and manage Research Portfolios across the enterprise. We apply a strong focus on the overall ecosystem to ensure best in class solutions as well a balance . We also have a proactive responsibility to reduce risk for our clients through ensuring contract compliance on all levels.

Why or how did you become a librarian/info pro?

I have a passion for learning and research and information management appeals to the perpetual student in me as it is an ever-changing environment with so much to learn.

Tell us a little about your history with SLA and/or LMD and why you took a role on the LMD Board.

I first started working with SLA chapters in 2007 and went on to become President of the NC Community. I also facilitated round table discussions supportive to the Buyers Forum at SLA conferences and hosted by LMD. I have always been so impressed by the work of the LMD committee and their commitment to the overall health and growth of our industry. As such, being a member and now the President of this great Community has been a professional goal of mine for several years.

What do you see as a key professional or organization challenge that you hope to address in 2021?

I tend to believe that with each challenge, we are presented with opportunity. My goal is to listen to what our SLA/LMD members present as their challenges and work to create a learning framework to deliver Leadership and skills development programs. I believe that will allow us to be equipped to address the challenges and turn them into personal and professional career opportunities.

Do you have any plans or initiatives for LMD in 2021 you'd like to tell us about?

My primary objective is to build off the wonderful work the community has done in past years and to ensure that we continue to focus on value added workshops and top of mind topics. In addition, and with a competitive spirit, I think we want to take back the number one spot as one of the largest communities within SLA 😊.

Finally, what's a little-known fact about you?

I love horses and big Newfoundland dogs! We currently have a horse, a mini horse and two big Newfoundlands 😊


Joanie Olivier, Executive Partner and founder of Iconitel Consulting Services, Inc., has more than 28 years relevant industry experience. Starting her career working for Dialog, a Thomson company in 1992, she gained a unique perspective and knowledge to truly understand the complexity of managing information and the associated acquisition process. Joanie held several respected positions during her career with Thomson, culminating as VP of Sales Operations.

Starting her own company in 2003, Iconitel Consulting Services, she continued her focus on the needs of Information Professionals in creating effective Research Sourcing Strategies. Joanie furthermore developed a Software Application called AREUSConnect that is currently in use by several Fortune 100 companies to assist in managing all aspects of Licensed Content and Compliance.

Joanie holds a MBA as well as a B.Com and B.Sc.N degree from the University Pretoria, South Africa.