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Meet the LMD Board: Chrissy Geluk, Webmaster

By Dan Bostrom posted 03-22-2021 08:56

Spring is nearly here and we're excited to bring you another LMD board profile. Chrissy Geluk is the LMD Webmaster, a role that she handles with grace and humor! 

Image credit: Chrissy Geluk.

What is your current role in the workplace?

I am the Principal at Librarian At Your Service LLC, an information services company I founded in July 2015. As the company name may imply, my line of services align with data, tech & sciences through searches & analyses, content development and training. Love being an #infopreneur!

Why or how did you become a librarian/info pro?

It's the love of "data" and the "joy" of making sense from it that propelled me into the world of information science. My background is in the sciences (as well as tech) and before launching my own business, I was on the "inside" at a multinational pharmaceutical company (most of my current clients are either in the life sciences or healthcare). I started with the multinational pharmaceutical company as a patent searcher and proceeded to complete my graduate degree part-time. The rest is history!

Tell us a little about your history with SLA and/or LMD and why you took a role on the LMD Board.

My first introduction to SLA was from a PHT Spring Meeting in Seattle in the late 90s or early 2000s. This exposure prompted me to realize that not only PHT but also the rest of SLA were "my peeps" and I joined SLA. Subsequently, I was 'recruited' (ha ha) to be "Fundraiser" for PHT when the Spring Meeting was in Vegas in 2005; and then between 2007 & 2009, I was Chair-Elect, Chair & Past-Chair of PHT. My contributions to SLA didn't stop with PHT; I love giving back to the SLA and continue to volunteer in various roles like webmaster , DICE co-Leader and co-Chair of TAC.

What do you see as a key professional or organization challenge that you hope to address in 2021?

A professional challenge that I continue to address in 2021 is to improve my content delivery across the social channels like LinkedIN, Twitter and YouTube. Sci-tech is my "thing" and writing rarely came easy yet I am always up for a challenge. So stay tuned for more "stories" on LinkedIN (both on my individual & company pages), Twitter and YouTube.

Do you have any plans or initiatives for LMD in 2021 you'd like to tell us about?


1. Since 2019, LMD has an "official" OneDrive (& Outlook) account. Having a LMD OneDrive provides the ability to "migrate" from the individual Google Drive account allowing for easier transitions & continuity when LMD Board members change
2. Besides the continual updates to the LMD website, helping the LMD Sections like Content Buying & Consulting increase their visibility by dedicating a "space" for them.
3. There are other activities on the horizon yet will leave folks in suspense

Finally, what's a little-known fact about you?

Not sure if it's little-known but I am completed my OW (Open Water) SCUBA certification in Oct 2009 and my AOW (advanced open water) SCUBA certification in Jan 2014. AOW allows divers to dive as deep as 100 ft (~30m). My husband and I enjoy SCUBA diving together ever since. I even gave a PechaKucha how SCUBA aligns with meeting a client's objectives in a research project! That PechaKucha was presented at CI event during SLA2016 and was honored to receive an honorable mention!